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Disturbing the Police Jim Pangrazio

Disturbing the Police

Jim Pangrazio

Published March 12th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jerry is in court to fight a minor disturbing the peace charge that occurred during his one-man protest against the increasing authoritarianism when the courtroom is seized by a different sort of protestor- a man with bombs wanting to publicize the damage done to his family by some of our crooked institutions. Along with Jerry and his friend Richie, Judge Durastein, the arresting officer Crowder and Jerrys attorney Veronica are kept as hostages during negotiations with the police. Thinking that fellow protestor Jerry could best communicate with Forbin, he is sent on a mission to work up the Stockholm Syndrome with their captor. But Jerry cannot resist using the massive media coverage to broadcast his own protest to the public, and that offends Forbin because, except the harm the system has done to him and his family, he is a true blue patriot. This leads to much squabbling among the hostages until the Stockholm Syndrome works its magic on them.