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PACIFIC HORIZONS: Life Aboard The Fighting Lady Martin G. Bravo

PACIFIC HORIZONS: Life Aboard The Fighting Lady

Martin G. Bravo

Kindle Edition
149 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a memoir about a U.S. Navy sailor’s experiences during his tour of duty aboard the mighty and fabled U.S.S. YORKTOWN (CVS-10) in the early 1960s. The history of the ship and its various operations with the First Fleet in the West Coast of North America and the Seventh Fleet in Asia, including the South China Sea and Vietnam, are presented in chronological order. Operational and travel adventures of the officers and crew are interwoven with historical perspectives and stories of young sailors entrusted with demanding duties and responsibilities, along with high-level expectations at sea, in peace time and in war operations. The author concludes with his personal assessments on having served in, as President John F. Kennedy once proclaimed, The Greatest Navy in The World, including his experiences and observations upon coming home from Vietnam to a divided and “not-so-grateful” nation towards its veterans. Insights to an almost-forgotten war that brought discord and conflict to our country at home and abroad are also mentioned. Both non-veterans and veterans and their family members, upon reading this book, could gain new perspectives and share a common understanding about U.S. Navy history and the proud men and women who serve their country.