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Jilian London Shey


London Shey

Kindle Edition
84 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Angel Collins is snatched from his home in La Mesa, CA near San Diego.In Volume 2: Jilian, Maria finds herself flung further into exotic lands far away from her innocent beginning. She reunites with lost friends and these relationships cause her to grow and strengthen in ways she doesnt expect. With her natural looks, along with some enhancements, men are drawn to Maria. She finds herself equally pulled and discovers it is not easy to manage her own composure.Despite failure Marias father continues his quest to locate and set his child free. His example buoys her fortitude and provides the emotional nourishment she craves.In this concluding part of the Someones Angel set all eyes turn toward Maria. In her darkest moment, can she find the courage to summon the spirit they have gravitated to, the person she was born to be?