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H2O Virginia Bergin


Virginia Bergin

352 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

H2O opens with the main character, Ruby, making out in a hot tub with the hottest guy in school. Just like any other teenager at a party, slightly drunk. But in the middle of her make out session, she is pulled from the hot tub and told to get inside the house and out of the oncoming rain. For those who end up caught in the rain, a bacteria infects them making them itch and bleed. They then scratch so hard their skin begins to fall off. People are dying within 3 hours of being infected. Ruby makes it home to find her mother, baby brother and step-father safe...at least for now. As people begin to die, especially those that Ruby cares about, she has to make a choice - to give up and give in or to try and survive.Very original plot. Great story!